REDBLOM CMS is a state of the art platform for building websites

A lot of great tools exist on the market that help you build a website.

REDBLOM CMS bundles the best of them into one single platform.


REDBLOM CMS is hosted as a service. No need for installations or updates.

A smart selection of the latest and best web components are there for you to use.


REDBLOM CMS is specially aimed at small web building companies who can charge their premium on top of the small monthly fee that is asked by us.

A platform that bundles existing components and services

We aim to serve you with the best components and services that are already out there and have been proven to work. Our job is to supply these in the platform for you to use.


We do not include thousands of themes to choose from or a gazillion plugins that degrade the quality of your site anyway. A smart selection of the latest and best web components are there for you to use.


Just the bare essentials for you to be productive and creative. And we will focus on making sure the product you build is delivered with speed and accuracy.


Productivity and Creativity

REDBLOM CMS allows for fast website building from scratch with a modern drag/drop/resize/WYSIWYG builder.


With no knowledge of web technology whatsoever you can start really building websites. And with a little understanding of CSS and JavaScript the result is limited only by your creativity.


Also REDBLOM CMS hosts a media processing service that takes away the pain of having to create all the fast loading high quality image formats necessary for modern responsive multi-device websites.


Superior Performance and Quality

Research shows that performance and technical quality of a website is a key factor in visitor engagement.


Websites built on the REDBLOM CMS have first-class scores regarding SEO, Accessibility and Performance.


For more info or questions: info@redblom.com